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We are the SumTotal of our Experiences. 
We Will Never Get Out of Life Alive and We Surely Will Not Die Well.
         Remember, Breathing is Political.
         Make This World a Better Place Than It Was When You Found It.
         Shakeup the Boardrooms; Encourage and Demand Responsibility.
         Investment Income for Retirement; Stop the Greed.
         In This Economy, Freedom is How Much Money You Have.
         Save Your Money. Give Gifts to Your Favorite Charity. Become a Philanthropist.
         Pollution is Not acceptable.
         Hold Corporations Responsible for Honorable Trade and/or Profit.
         Goal: Fresh/Safe Water and Indoor Plumbing for all Households Worldwide.
SumTotal: Self-Interest for the Common Good News (ISSN: 1535-0339) is a quarterly publication that empowers its readers with knowledge about current government, politics and economic conditions from an international perspective. Its subscribers will arm themselves for true participatory democracy with the flawed and breathing Constitution and the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.

discusses the following Industries and Issues providing insight on an ongoing basis: Child Care, Foster Care and Elder Care; Death/Funeral Industry; Energy (Gas, Oil, Electric Utilities); Entertainment and Media; Gambling/Gaming; Health Care; Insurance; the Labor Union Movement; Pharma/Drugs; Politics and Government; Prison Industry; Psychoanalysis; Religion: Matters of Faith or Belief; Telecommunications/Information Technology and the Transportation Industry. The regions of Africa, Asia, European Union, Former Soviet Union, Latin America, the Caribbean, US and Canada and the Middle East will be discussed. Brazil, China, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Venezuela and Vietnam will be analyzed in greater detail. SumTotal subscribers will receive a 25% discount on all specialized requests from the Greene-Cohen & Winston, Inc. Research/Analysis-On-Demand Service.

enables public-spirited citizens to pursue well informed decisions to ensure benefits for the Common Good and thereby resist the New World Order.

The New World Order
The Rich and Top 2% in Every Country in the World: Power and Profit Paradise.
Arabs, Iraqis, Israelis, Muslims: Cheap Meat
Everyone Else: Cheap Labor

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A reader describes the premier edition of SumTotal as "an important tool to uplift the moral and political structure of the country ... A wake-up call ..."
Research and analysis executed by Greene-Cohen & Winston, Inc. shows it will take at least twenty years for the United States to recover from the Iraq/Afghanistan Aftermath. Therefore the imperative to save our democracy will fall upon the youth. These young people must be both informed and inspired.
We ask that you be an "angel" and gift Iraq v. Participatory Democracy and Remember Bandung to every recent high school or college graduate in your family and in your community. 

Iraq v. Participatory Democracy, Issue One, Nos. 1 and 2, Premier Edition, September-October 2003

Remember Bandung, Volume one, Number one, Spring 2004

Table of Contents:


About SumTotal (i-ii)

Result of $1,300.00 invested in AMR, CAL, DAL and UAL shares (iii)

Countries of the World: Middle East, Demographic and Economic Facts (iv)

A Little United States History (Growth from Thirteen Colonies to Fifty States and Territories) (1)

Well Informed Public-Spirited Citizens (1-2)

The Current Crisis for Participatory Democracy (2-4)

The Patriot Act; Iraq Transparency and International Treaties

What About Iraq? (5-13)

Some Historical Facts; Iraq's Oil; Iraq's Oil Production; Weaponry; A War of White Supremacy? Or a Business Decision?; US Economic Interests and Corporate Domination of Iraq; Some Iraq War Profiteers and More American Job Export; Conclusion

Resistance to US Occupation (13-17)

Governing Council; The Shia; The Tribes

US Soldiers in Iraq (17-21)

The Complement; Compensation; The Injured; Attitude and Morale

Vote on Congressional Resolution Authorizing the Use of Force in Iraq ([1-11])

Books to Read and Documentaries to See (1-5)

Informative Websites (1-3)

App-A: The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America (3p.)

App-B: The Constitution of the United States of America (15p.)

App-C: The USA Patriot Act of 2001, Public Law 107-56, cited as "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism' (23p.)

App-X: Discussion: Rebuilding America's Defenses / Project for the New American Century 

Table of Contents:


About SumTotal (1-2)

Summary (3)

Speech excerpts / President Sukarno, Chief Luthuli, Prime Minister Nehru (4-7)

Definitions of Abbreviations (8)

The Bandung Conference aka Asian-African Conference (9-10)

Trade and Trade Agreements (10-11)

International Financial Governance (11)

International Reality (11-12)

Current Economic Status of the Bandung Conference Host Countries (12-18)

India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka: Item Purchases and % of Income; Food: Calories, Protein and Fat, Per Catita Consumption; Education Levels in the Population; GDP, Population, Per Capita Consumption and Number of Households; Telecommunication Statistics; Retail Trade
Regional Trade Groups (19-21)

Books to Read and Informative Websites (22)

Final Communique of the Bandung Conference (23-31)

United Nations Charter (32-56)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (57-62)

Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide (63-66)

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